Word 2007 - Where are the normal menus?

So i've been given a PC for my new job, running windows 7 and office 2007, and not having used anything MS since win2000, i'm lost.

How can I at least start with getting back to the classic menu style in word? File/edit/view/tools/help, that kind of menu. All I see are home/references/mailings, all of which are kind of pointless imho.

I've done some googling and come up with some extra free software, but is there no inbuilt 'make it look like it used to' magic-button somewhere?
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  1. They all are there. but in a different place. The buttons you are looking for are at the top left, where you the Office Logo in the circle. Click on that and you would find all the file/New/Save/Save As options.
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