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I can't see others webcam on some applications

I can't see other's webcam on But i did not long ago?
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  1. The webcam drivers must be installed first and the webcam (hardware) must be plug-in securely for that to work.
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  3. I can't see other's webcam on But i did not long ago?[/quoMy webcam is working good :-(But i can't see others webcam video on my PC. It could be the flash player even though it shows the flash player is working in adobe support. I have a 64-bit system but i downloaded the flash player on 32-bit internet explorer!
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    un-install software and all software involved with your cam.
    then look for any updated versions of software and re-install.
    make sure you get 64-bit and then to reassure you have all the filters and codecs on your system download and install this:
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