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I went through many post in this forum but did not get any review on antivirus by WatchGuard. Since its the first time I have purchased PC. I have been suggested by my friends to go with WatchGuard antivirus. I have heard that usually free AV's do not work that effectively so I have no issues paying for antivirus no matter it would be WatchGuard. Has anyone used Av's by WatchGuard?
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  1. no - comodo internet security
  2. no try Microsoft Security Essentials
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    I have never heard of watchgaurd av, so definitely cannot recommend it. As for your friends, they are totally wrong on the point about free antivirus. Most techs, myself included, do not like paying for av. Example, I recently watched a review of mcafee 2010 or 2011 the guy tested it and threw 70 known viruses and malware at it. Picked up or 4 or 5. A free one, Avast was tested too, out of 10, it caught around 75% of the things they attacked it with. I just personally dont see the need to buy antivirus anymore when great free ones are available. If you need more protection, there are free firewall programs as well. But remember, many free antivirus programs are offered by companies trying to upsell you into buying their paid products, so it is going to be good because they want you to buy someday.
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