My vista laptop is changing date/time each time i on it

hi ,i had bougt a laptop 5 months back,but from last 10 days i am getting this problem,date and time of my vista laptop is changing each time i swithch on it
the time will be 12 dec 2016.
why iam getting this problem ???
plz anyone can help me
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  1. After you reset the date and time are you hitting the apply button?
  2. That sounds more like a virus, when time is not locking in to the curent time it's usually a battery problem and it reverts to the bios date which would be a time some months or more prior to the date it was purchased.
    Switching to 2016 sounds suspicious.
  3. Could be the BIOS tims is not set correctly :)
  4. dont wory arshiya tahreem

    Its a small problem

    The way to solve the problem is just through ur laptop in the pacific ocean

    Regards allwin
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