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Nvidia Control Panel Dual Multi-Display Help

I have 2 Nvidia cards: 9800gtx+ 1gb and GTX 470. I have the GTX 470 as a primary display and the 9800 is hooked up to the TV via S-Video.

In the past (maybe 2 weeks ago), I could use the TV for extending or cloning my desktop. It has suddenly stopped working and I'm totally frustrated. When in Nvidia Control Panel, I can see both cards and I can see that the TV is recognized by the 9800gtx. However, it is not selected, and when I select it and hit "apply" nothing happens and it just goes back to being unchecked.

Also, I have used 3 different drivers with this setup and it doesn't seem to make a difference. The most frustrating aspect of this is that it seems to have just changed without me doing anything- is this possible? Right now I am using the 260.99 drivers and I have also used the 260.89 and also the dev drivers that are out which I think were 261.

Thanks for any help!
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    sounds like the actual card itself has gone bad, can you swap them around and try or get another card for testing.?
    how's your power supply, has any problems.?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am embarrassed to say that the s-video cable was loose. I didn't realize it because it was somehow connected just enough to have that card show up in Nvidia Control Panel, but when I repositioned it I was able to extend the desktop. Time to buy a new one because this one no longer fits tightly.

    Thanks for the response.
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  4. good troubleshooting.
    i can recommend a good card for you, let me know.
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