geforce 7950 gx2 serious problem

ok this is annoying the living shit out of me. i got a 7950 gx2 card running vista 32 bit right now. for some reason, whenever i enable multi-gpu mode 95% of my games wont start and give me errors. the rest run, but never break more than 20 fps no matter what. when i turn off multi-gpu mode the speed returns to normal and i get decent fps again. as an example, in winXP my fps in WoW was around 75 constant. now in vista, its 35 in single gpu mode. multi-gpu mode lowers it to 15.

i have tried every graphics driver and have the most up-to-date system drivers i can find and it STILL happens everytime. in order to play any games, i have to gimp my entire system about 50%. does anyone have ANY clue on how to fix this?
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  1. I may be wrong but as far as I know Nvidia haven't rectified all their SLI problems in vista, if at all. That may be the root of all your problems. Also, I'm sorry to say, that their support for anything less than the 8xxx series cards has been less than stellar since Vista came out, so you may have got hold of the dirty end of the shit stick my friend.
  2. 7950 gx2 = not good when it comes to drivers
  3. unfortunatly for those of us who chose to run Vista are having problems with sli mode and fps. When running xp i was getting as you were 75-80 fps, however in vista I am lucky to break 55-60. And I too am using 2 7950gx2's.
    We can hope that nvidia and ms can address this problem soon.
  4. I have a 7950GX2 on a 30" display with Vista and it works fine with me with the latest beta drivers. Have you tried these ?
    I got great frame rate in full screen. (between 40 and 100 fps in wow)
    The frame rate still sucks in windowed mode though.
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