How do you restart Java, from the Desktop.

How do you Restart Java?
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  1. Why would you want to restart Java??? By default, Java isn't running unless there is a Java application running. If you mean the Java console, then again, why would you want to restart that?
  2. The main reason for wanting to restart Java is that when Java applications start hanging (becoming unresponsive), such as Lotus Notes or SameTime, it seems that the only way to resolve the problem is to reboot Windows. which can be incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming when you have multiple windows open for work, as I often do. There needs to be a way to restart the Java runtime environment WITHOUT performing that reboot. And no, just ending those applications and / or killing java from inside task manager does NOT perform this reset.
  3. As I said before, the Java Runtime Environment isn't something continually running in the background (not a service or a daemon), if you kill the java.exe (or javaw.exe) it won't be running anymore. If the problem persists, then the problem isn't with the JVM it's with the application itself and short of knowing what it is that keeps persisting between executions, you will have to reboot :(.

    Oh and I never faced a Lotus Notes problem I couldn't resolve by simply killing the notes.exe and/or java.exe and I used it for 3 years.
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