*Update!RMA'ed X800pro agp to ATI, They sent me a 1600pro...

So I feel extremely slighted. I looked up the cards on toms gpu charts. Checkout oblivion on decent settings. It was like 18fps vs like 32fps.

This shows even more.

Look at the details at the bottom. The x1600 has such a limited architecture.

Do you guys think I was slighted here? I have been on the phone with them about this (and I haven't even gotten the card yet!) They have tried to play it off as an equal card and the shader model 3 and 512mb of ddr2 makes up for a lot. Uhm, no the sm3 just means it could look good in Oblivion if it had more then 3fps and the 512mb of ddr2 is marketing (and I told one of the ati techs that and how lacking the x1600 was in architecture and he said you don't have to tell me!)
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  1. i think they did so because x800 pro cards are now out of stock. It is slower and IMO u should ask for a better card, something like a x1650XT.
  2. You should have been given at least an X1600 XT or maybe even an X1950 GT. I would grieve this if I were you.
  3. I'm thinking the x1950GT is pushing it a bit. The 1600pro is definately slower, doesn't have the 256bit memory interface is runs on $hitty ddr2. If they gave you the ddr3 version of say the x1650xt then it would be about the same. I've got an x1650pro ddr2 and the performance to me is awful for the money. I'll be upgrading soon though.
  4. Dude, if i were you i would flip my bloody lid. x1800 at least. One of the slower ones, Tell them you will pitch in some extra cash to get something better cause from an x800 to a 1600 is like going from an 9800 to a 9600. I think you should give them an ear full.
  5. Listen to this BS.

    ATI - Currently there is a shortage of the X800 cards in the RMA stock and they are being replaced by X1600 cards. The X1600 is an upgrade from the X800 series, it is a newer GPU with more memory and Pixel Shader 3.0 suppport.
    The core and clock speeds are less then the X800 but this is only a portion of what determines the strength of the video card.

    Me- I responded that I felt a 1650xt (256 ddr3) would be an accurate replacement.

    ATI - The X1650XT is a PCI Express based card.
    In AGP format the X1600 Pro is the best we can upgrade you to under RMA.

    UPGRADE? I think he meant downgrade.

    Me - Well I was just on newegg.com and there is x1650XT cards, not ati branded though granted. But there are cards FASTER then the 1600pro that are agp and made by ATI. I also know that it says you get an equal or better card upon a dead card RMA.

    So yeah, time to talk to the supervisors tomorrow. An x1950 would sure be nice! However I was dumb and got the x800 right when it game out because I was upgrading from rage fury and win 98 to a 3.2GHz 478P4 x800pro($455!!!) raid0, xp pro, fire breathing (and overclocked) monster(3 years ago).
  6. You and your reasoning again. Going from an X800PRO to an X1600PRO isn't the same as going from a 9800 to a 9600!!! Those are still in the same bloody generation. It's more like 9800 to x600. The X800 is basically an X1800 but 1 generation behind. Just check the charts on the main page to see what's the same or not...
  7. Anyone here know how to permanently ignore this dade retard?

    I gave my 2 cents and he complains that the coin is dirty. I know you have nothing better to do cause you run a network in South Africa (this means he knows how to use a mouse) but just bugger off.
  8. You need to definitely chew their asses out and say that they are screwing you. Tell them that you have done your homework and checked real world comparisons between the two and state that you WILL NOT be ripped off by them. That is definitely BS. SM3.0 won't do crap for you if the card isn't powerful enough to utilize it well.

    Definitely call again! :evil:
  9. Well I finally got called back. ATI does not make anything faster then a 1600pro 512 DDR2 in AGP anymore!(Only companies like sapphire do now) But he did find me an x800xl AGP that he will ship to me! I find that a much better deal for me. And today the x1600 arrives so at least I can play WoW (sad I know) at a decent framerate and resolution till the x800xl gets here!

    ps he tried to use the shader model 3 story on me, didn't work, again.
  10. Thats definitely a better tradeoff. glad you got some results :)
  11. I wouldn't complain about your posts if you actually did some research and didn't post BS like you did here and in the other thread as well. According to your reasoning, I can buy me a cheap 7800 (flash the bios wrong or something so that it doesn't work), say I got it like that and they should ship me an 8800GTS. If you have noticed (more than once) other people agree with me here and in the other thread. And I DO NOT run a network here in south africa. Surely wish I did but sorry pal I don't. You surely assume very much about someone that you know nothing about except what I post here on Toms.
  12. I have no idea what some of you are arguing about here...

    *********Ok, got the x1600 today. I just put it in after work... and all I have is colored lines up and down the screen and an extremely hot card after only 3minutes. I put my old school 9600se back in and everything is fine. I wonder if I got a doa replacement card? It shows the lines even in bootup/bios screens so it isn't a driver issue.********
    ***see next post by me.

    I hope the x800xl works.
  13. Sorry, Didn't mean to hijack the thread. He's just been giving BS advice and I can't handle it. Glad you got the x1600 so soon. As the the problem, does the card have an additional power cable that you have to plug in? If so, did you? Also what PSU do you have?
  14. You got burned dude.They should have given you a 1650pro.That would have been an ok trade off for your old x800.See if they'll take it back under the pretense that the new cards performance is not up to the standards of your old card.Point out to them that in fact your old card fared much better in games than the new one.Tell them that you feel that the x1600pro is a step in the wrong direction due to its poor performance compared to the x800pro.Goodluck.


    AMD X2 5600+ @ 2.8ghz(stock)
    2 GIGS DDR2 800 RAM
    ACER 22IN. LCD
    80GIG/250gig SATA2 HD's
    XP MCE
  15. I'm dumb... It has the FLOPPY type power plug in. I didn't even see it in the corner. I am on it now. I think that plug in is dumb. Not as dumb as me, but dumb. I can't wait for the x800xl.

    Stock for stock in 3Dmark06 shader model 2.0 scores.
    X800pro = 809
    x1600 DDR2 = 666
    *so about 20% slower.
    *yes the x1600 has shader model 3 (I Don't Care)

    on a side note the x1600 is LOUD very very loud. Also the x800 pro scored me 932 (just to see what it could do :D )
  16. Anyone know what the little black chip on the top of the card (opposite the fan side) that has what feels like some thermal type paste/piece around it? I just burned my finger on it (the paste was hot, the piece in the middle was... almost on fire) This card seems so terribly engineered. It would be more fun if I had a real 747 sitting beside me.
  17. Quote:
    Anyone know what the little black chip on the top of the card (opposite the fan side) that has what feels like some thermal type paste/piece around it? I just burned my finger on it (the paste was hot, the piece in the middle was... almost on fire) This card seems so terribly engineered. It would be more fun if I had a real 747 sitting beside me.

    The chip is to translate the native PCI-E connection of the GPU to AGP. Bewarned it does run hot. I have one of those cards and have had problems with the chip.
  18. Quote:
    Anyone here know how to permanently ignore this dade retard?

    Yea click on the ignore button. Surely after 1.5 years on the forum you would know how to do that :roll:

    Anyway, I assume the lines went away after you plugged the power plug in, you didnt say. It will be great when the x800xl arrives, its a nice amount faster than the x800 pro.

    PS: When are they going to fix the "Choose Benchmark" dropdown in the charts for firefox users? Its too long and it covers up some of the links in the More Charts box. Maybe its just my pc...
  19. Pressing the ignore button is only going to make him ignore me for that one thread. He's the one that gave BS advice and resorted to name calling. I'm apparently an idiot and a pirate and he know's exactly what I do from what he's learnt of me here on the forumz (in his eyes anyway). I just helped him right without being very aggressive or anything.
  20. Yes, it works now. Wow that was a dumb idea to have to translate like that. Just make it right for the right bus. Then again I think the x1600 series is pointless. You can get a 1950gt or 1950 pro for about the same amount of money on a good day.

    Dade's comparison was right, it was like going from a 9800xt to a x600. One gen. forward but not really an upgrade... possibly a downgrade (not sure in this situation)

    The research I've done shows the x800xl should be very similar to my x800pro. The pro had less pixel pipes and memory speed, but more core speed. The extra 4 pipes and higher memory speed will give the x800xl a 5% advantage (my estimate). I will try to post a followup on this once the x800xl arrives. I can't wait!
  21. I said PERMANENTLY. Ignore only ignores in this thread. :roll:
  22. Final Verdict for each card at all stock speeds.

    3DMark 06 SM 2.0 Scores:

    X800pro = - - - - 809
    x1600 DDR2 = - 666
    x800XL = - - - - -817

    I would say that is a really good fit! Now with a slight bit of tweeking... :D
  23. Nice
  24. The X850XT should be around the speed of an X1650XT. Your X800Pro would be more like an X1650Pro (maybe just slightly faster).

    See if you can get an X1650XT out of them, but don't settle for anything less than an X1650Pro. But don't push your luck to an X1950GT either. :wink:

    EDIT: Didn't read the part where you said you got the X800XL. Congrats on your faster card.
  25. I got an ATI branded X850PRO about 9 mo. ago and did the BIOS hack. It turned it into an X850XT PE. Opened up all the pipes etc. The DDR3 chips are slower but it runs fine. I did add a Kuformula HS, the stock cooler didn't cut it.
  26. You missed another important fact. ATI stopped making anything faster then a x1600 pro ddr2 for the agp bus. I'm glad I got this old x800xl since it is very similar to my old card, it just get there in a different way (and doesnt oc quite as nice :( O well. This card needs to tide me over about another year when the socket 478 3.2@3.4 and 2-2-3-5 2GB of memory gets upgraded to hopefully some fast (and very cheap) DDR2 since we can all see how ddr3 sucks.

    Nice work Zorg! Now if only I could find a say 85$ x1950pro agp my story would end even (slightly) better then yours.
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