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I have a desk top computer running on XP and a laptop operating on Vista Home and I use Internet Explorer 8 on both systems. Desk top is wired to a router that is connected to a wireless internet service provider. Laptop is connected wirelessly to same router. On desk top I am able to connect to which is a site where I can monitor a video camera attached to my laptop. When I reverse the setup i.e. connect camera to desk top to view remotely on my laptop and attempt to access the above website my IE locks up and I cannot access site. The following message appears, "A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab". I have also tried Firefox on laptop and still cannot access site. I have been waiting “patiently”for reply from X10 but no response yet. Any thoughts??
Thanks, Bob
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  1. You need to update IE 8 for that on Firefox you have to follow the procedure for that security camera.
    I will give you the link maybe this will help -
  2. Thanks, for link, been there....done that to no avail, also I uninstalled and reinstalled program (several times). I guess what I really can't understand about problem is why should system work in one direction and not the other when everything is the same EXCEPT XP and VISTA

  3. Here I have experience that one too. In either way it should work except when the laptop (connected wireless) wireless standard is slow like 802.11x (where x is b (slower) g(slow) and n(fast)) so if your router has an n make sure the laptop has that too or try reducing the quality of capture for that camera. Hope it work.
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