The computer restarted unexpectedly or has encountered an unexpected e

Hello people,
After I haven’t used my PC(vista) for two weeks I started it and anything looked normal but when the vista green background appears(where you normally choose the user) suddenly this error pops up:

“The computer restarted unexpectedly or has encountered an unexpected error. Windows
installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restart your
computer and then restart installation.”

The only thing I can do is press Ok, if I do so my computer restarts and the same error appears.

Some things I can and can’t do:
I can’t reach my desktop.
I can’t choose my user.
I can enter a second screen my pressing F12 or tab.
I can insert a CD/DVD.

Do anyone knows how I can solve this problem? Please replay.
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  1. seems like a boot file may have been corrupted.
    try inserting the windows disk before you OK and see where it takes you...
    try to do a repair.
  2. there are two problems about that, i dont have a CD. And i dont know how to boot from CD.

    i've tried this, but it did not work, that was cuz i the CD bad, or i dont know how.
  3. have your tried booting into safemode?

    to repair from the disk, click on repair, after the language screen.
  4. i tried repairing from disk and still the same error.

    and no I cant enter SAFE MODE
  5. the only thing you can try to do, is get a Vista repair disk, or and installation disk and boot from that disk. Then do a repair, or install over the old OS.

    Another option, is if you have a spare HD, or enough room on your existing had drive to make a partition, reinstall Vista on that partition and try to save as much data as you can before you wipe the whole thing and re-install the OS
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