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So being low on money I wanted to do as much with my PC that I curently have. The only thing I do on it is play World of warcraft and navigate the internet.

WoW as been quite laggy since the last expension and decided it was time to update my video card thinking that it might help.

My curent spec is this:
Intel P4 3gig
Asus P4P800-Deluxe
1 gig of ram (ddr400 PC 3200)
120gig serial ATA HDD
Windowx XP

I had a ATI 9600 AGP and upgraded to a Sapphire HD 3650 AGP.

installed the latest drivers from the Sapphire web site, 9.8 cataclism driver I beleive

I though that the card would at least give me a few fram rate more but it did not I am still stuck at 16FPS all the time and in cities or raid it's down to 1-2 FPS.

Any suggrestions on what to do? Did I just waste 100$ for nothing?
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  1. You're upgrading a dinsoaur. I think you wasted your $$. You should look at upgrading to a mobo with a PCIe slot. For $100, you could've got a 4850.
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