Photoshop/Windows Media Player slow-down

Hey, I'm having a problem, when doing some painting in Photoshop and listening to music using Windows Media Player, my machine starts 'jittering' and generally slowing down. It's very noticeable when brushstrokes are interrupted by what seems to be my computer thinking.

Photoshop runs perfectly fine until the very moment I start playing music. Is there something I can do to solve this?
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  1. Invoke your Windows Task Manager and click on Performance tab see what hugging your system resources. You may need to add more memory or you need to upgrade your video card.
  2. system specs.?
  3. dEAne, I've tried the task manager route and unfortunately nothing seems hugging the resources, but I don't think it's a memory issue though I could be wrong...

    malmental, my system goes something like this:

    Quadcore 2.83GHz Processor
    8GB memory
    64bit operating system (Vista 64)
    SLI Nvidia Graphics
    Onboard Realtek sound
  4. sounds like you need a good cleaning.. (an upgrade to win7 would be good for you too.)
    run dusk cleanup, then run clean-up system files/(click on) more options tab, clean-up system restore copies and shadow copies,
    return back to back clean-up, select options in box, then click OK, delete files.
    it be nice to have a registry cleaner to go along with it.
    try free ccleaner..
    also go into internet options in the control panel if not in (IE) and empty your history, cookies and cache.
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