FSB vs Multiplier --> whats best for performance

I was just wondering which of these is better and by how much.

E6420 @ 3.6 -----> fsb 450
E6600 @ 3.6 -----> fsb 400

assuming that you keep the memory the same for both 1:1
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  1. well if you want to split hairs the E6420 would be marginally faster but the E6600 would be a slightly higher quality product.
  2. go for the cheap
  3. Does anyone know how much higher I could get the e6600 up compared to the e6420.

    I will be using
    asus p5b deluxe wifi
    corsair xms2 pc6400c4 - gets to 950 I believe
    swiftech h20-220-t thermoelectric watercooling
  4. Does anyone know how much higher I could get the e6600?

    jfkillers. I have an E6600 running at 3.7Ghz. My temps are 45 under load. Trying for 3.8Ghz next :D Good luck to you.

    Motherboard: EVGA T1
    CPU: E6600 L646G494 @ 3.7Ghz. 1:1 Ratio Linked & Synced Voltage 1.44
    SPP:1.45volts, MCP: 1.50volts
    Memory: Mushkin PC2 8000 4-5-4-11, 2T Voltage 2.1
    Swiftech Water Cooling H20-220
    Video: One EVGA 8800GTS 320MB
    Power Supply: Silverstone 750W
    OS: XP Pro
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