Can't change permissions or take ownership of Local Disk D:/

I need help changing permissions and taking ownership of my Local Disk D.I have denied all permissions to my Windows Vista Local Disk D,and now I cannot change the permissions or take ownership even as an Administrator.System Restore didn't help.The disk is marked "Access Denied" and when you go to its properties,you find the following:

General: Access Denied
All spaces 0 bytes

Sharing: Not Shared

Security: Current owner---Unable to display current owner
When I click to change ownership to Administrator,I get "Unable to set new owner on Access Denied (D:). Access is Denied"
Same results when I go to Advanced.

Please help me!!!.I don't want to lose my documents on the Disk.
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  1. What is your local disk D?

    The operating system is usually C (it is on mine)

    One of my DVD drives is D... I won't get ownership to that for any CD / DVD inserted unless it is a RW disk.

    Other D drives are system recovery / restore drives. There is no need to take ownership of this partition.

    What does your D drive represent?
  2. That contains my saved documents like movies,etc. I denied permissions to the whole disk and now I can't take it back.
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    Try activating Vista's hidden administrator then taking ownership.

    The hidden administrator is the most powerful user, so remember to disable it after you have finished with it.

    A tutorial from the How To Geek:
  4. Ok.Thanks :) btk1w1.I will try that.
  5. Guess what.It didn't work.I got same results as on a normal/regular account.
  6. thanks bro.

    very very useful solution. it exactly worked.
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