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Does anyone make a hard drive dock that supports both eide and sata?

Does anyone make a USB dock that you can use with both IDE and SATA drives?
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  1. I use a adapter that adapts my IDE to sata connection, they are cheap, I have my computer that has 1-500GB SATA, 1-250GB SATA, 1-320GB IDE 1- 300GB IDE, 1 80GB IDE and a 1.5TB ESATA, that use all the SATA connectors on my MB, so if I need any more HDD's I'll have to add a PCI card and connect all the adapted IDE's on it( they operate on the slower SATA 1 config)
  2. Thanks, Tosh9i & number13. I have those adapters, 13, and they are OK, but I really need something more like the Thermaltake dock that tosh's link shows. I have one of the SATA docks from them and it is great. I am constantly dropping drives in there to format, etc. In my job, I have a large number of drives that come in and out through my office that I have to take a look at. Was hoping for something that combined both SATA and IDE in a dock type format, but looks like that isn't available. Thanks again.
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    Well, there is's Universal USB to SATA IDE External HDD Docking Station. It's usually a special order at places like Provantage and PC Connection, but I think you can order it directly from StarTech.

    Take a look:

    I was just about to order one for myself!
  4. Thanks, got2b. Excellent suggestion. It looks like just what I was searching for.
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    Hey, guys. Are you looking for a all in one docking station? IMP, a multi functional sata hdd docking station with esata card reader is enought. The Hard Drive Dock with Esata is a nice one. More infor about it at here:

    Hey, that's a cool one too. But tcscharnberg wanted a docking station that also supported Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE) b.k.a. Parallel AT Attachment (PATA) drives. And nothing in the description mentions any support for EIDE(PATA) drives. :sol:
  6. simoncarter said:

    I saw this one too when I was investigating what jackdroqba found. The only problem was I couldn't find a U.S. based company selling one, and then I couldn't find the model you found, which had the EIDE/PATA hookups. Then I couldn't find the company that produced them. It kinda gave me the feeling that the company that made these things was like one of those companies that produce keychains and mugs, but let you put your own company logo/signature on them. Even your last link (Unitek) doesn't appear to be the manufacturer, because it doesn't carry all of the models that I have seen...
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