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first please forgive me if this has been discussed often... I'm out of town with very limited internet access and do need an answer to this question.

I currently have some OCZ dual channel memory in my machine. I've come across a different brand at a good price. both are PC6400. I'm vaguely familiar with the latency numbers, but if I'm not overclocking or pushing the system, does it matter if the new memory is 4-4-4-12 and the other is something else (don't have figures with me....)

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  1. No, it doesn't matter. HOWEVER, the faster-rated RAM (ie--4-4-4-12) will HAVE to slow down to match the slower RAM (ie--5-5-5-15).

    So, you can mix and match, but you'll run everything at the slower speed. Not a major problem, BUT it means DON'T go spending alot of money on faster'll be a waste because it'll just default to match the slower stuff anyways.
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