Problems installing a new processor

My friend is changing his old celeron to a pentium 4 on his comp. The computer isnt too too old.

When he tried to use it, the computer itself turned on, like the fans, but nothing would boot up.

My question is, why whould this happen, I was thinking maybe the P4 was a model not supported by the mobo, but since it isnt too old, that shouldent be a problem
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  1. You're going to have to give model names and numbers.
  2. You might need to do a Bios update before installing the new processor.
  3. check for any bent pins on the cpu (give us the model numbers IcY18 asked for before hand though) but that may be a hard ware issue that would cause that. also make sure your motherboard/psu have the four pin power plug to support the P4. but again what is the model number for the computer or motherboard if its a home build, and the cpu.
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