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I already have a Netgear WGU-624 Router connected to my modem and I have a 100ft ethernet cable running from it to a room. Right now my computer is connected to that cable, but I would like to get a router for it and then plug my computer into that. It needs to be reliable because I host a server. I will also be hooking up another server to the new router. I'm looking at a price of about $40 max. 4 ports is plenty. Any good candidates?

Also, if I understand correctly, I wouldn't be able to run servers through a switch and therefore need a router.
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  1. Not true! All you need is a network switch. It would be more complicated with 2 routers.

  2. Do switches assign IP addresses?...if not, how do they work? What happens when two servers on the same switch attempt to listen in on a certain port?

    This is the type of network I'm going to:
  3. No, switches just connect Ethernet devices. Each server should use a different port but the switch has nothing to do with it.

  4. So does everything connected to a switch have the same IP address? I don't understand how that could work.
  5. The Router will hand out DHCP (IP addresses) to every device connected to the switch.

    The router handles your IP addresses via DHCP. The switch creates the connection back to the router.
  6. Ah, that was the one thing I didn't get. Thank you. I guess I'll just get a switch (much cheaper).
  7. Yeah, make sure it is a switch and not a hub.

    Your router is actually a router and a switch if it has a few ports in the back of it. The router handles how your traffic is sent out to the internet and hands out DHCP, the IP addresses to anything it is attached you or searching for a DHCP Address.

    An unmanaged switch (to get further into it) does not require an IP address. A managed switch, meaning you can really tweak settings on the switch itself, will require its own IP address. That's high end stuff and very costly though.
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