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Well, since im the only computer expert in my family, I am tasked with handling any problems that may occur on any of the 7 computers in my house along with my brother's and sister's random friends' computers. So my sister's friend wants me to take a look at her laptop which I guess is being really slow. What I planned to do to it was defrag (which im sure has never been done), registry cleaner, and spyware removal. Now, I dont have an anti-virus that I can put on there so shes out of luck with the numerous viruses that im sure may inhabit her laptop. Do you guys suggest any other programs that I should run on it?
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  1. Forget defragging, it doesn't make any difference. Forget the "registry cleaner". Download the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware & the free version of Avira Anti-Virus from and make sure it has at least 512 MB of RAM.

  2. Oh yeah I forgot, its Vista so I guess this is in the wrong place. Does Avira really do anything, or does it just find them and do absolutely nothing to fix it like AVG.
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    Both Avira and malwarebytes are very good programs.

    Running a defrag still has some benefits, though not as noticeable as it used to. It's still worth doing.

    The registry cleaner isn't necessary unless she is getting errors or you find an infection in the registry.
  4. Thanx for the vote. Hope it all worked out for you.
  5. Vote stealer!
  6. Lol, sorry grumpy. You can have the next one.
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