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300gb music need to name / delete ect plz help.

Very simple I bought a HDD from a recently deceased DJ for the music that is on this HDD that he legally obtained / ripped from his personal cd collection.
I received the cd's as well and about to plastic recycle them as I have no time to deal with 5k+ cd's individually.

Is there a way to properly name these MP3's on the HDD ?

Is there a way to find and remove duplicates ?

Is there a way to verify how much of this is still classified as legal so when I fly to not have some retard Airport security freak lock me up for this 2 times legally obtained music ?

Will likely delete 99% of this once I know what they are.

I have tried Winamp / WMP / Itunes but for fear of the bogey man labeling me as criminal I have disabled that pc's internet connection / proxy'd what I could to try and find the names of these songs.

All this software is extremely useless when trying to do this.

Piano - Track 7.mp3 = ??

Can use either WIN / LIN OS's to do this, only free software will do. Offline checking would be preferred as I have USA internet connection and it will fall apart trying to rename all this.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. If the MP3s were tagged properly but just named the wrong thing, any mp3 renamer software will be able to name the files based on the file tags. The programs you tried are a bit useless to do what you wanted, they are more organizers/players.

    There are plenty of duplicate file finders.

    Not sure what you mean by your 3rd question, if the file is an mp3 with no rights management, there is no way to stamp it legal or not. Basically the music industry will say any mp3 on your PC is not legal, so take a picture of every CD you have and show that to whoever checks the files.
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    use winamp 5 or later, select batches of songs, they load in winamp, in playlist choose select all, then right click on mp3 playlist, go to send to auto tag, it will connect online and actually tag all the music. Then using mp3 tagger for free select the newly tagged song and choose rename, this will rename the files based on the ID3tags and will automatically detect duplicates and you just choose delete when done.
  3. Thanks all for the help.

    I decided to securely delete the whole HD and pay some previous RIAA / MPAA jobless Californian worker to get the 5000+ cd's into Itunes onto a new Apple desktop as this is much easier and less hassles with the retarded "guilty until proven innocent" Org's.

    Seems like having music is more expensive and more trouble than the 30 secs then you are bored of the music "joy" you might have + it gets boring listening to the same song 3 times in 1 year.

    All this trouble makes the Ipod / Iphone and other media players obsolete / useless. :fou:
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