Computer randomly hardboots

I get no error messages at all. Ths computer simply hard boots itself when playing games. Here is what i have in the computer:

Gigabyte DS3 board
1 GIG Hyper X PC6400
C2D 6300
1 Seagate 7200.10 320G SATA
1 DVD Drive
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum with front I/O
ATI X1900XT 512Mb PCIE
Antec True Power 2.0 480W
Windows XP Pro SP2

Can anyone suggest anything? The power supply has been changed once already because the other one would simply turn off the PC and wouldn't boot it back up.
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  1. Test the memory with memtest86+.
  2. That happened to me on my last build. I fixed the problem by re-seating the RAM. 1 of my 4 sticks of RAM was loose causing the computer to reboot during some games.

    1. check your RAM
    2. Check the voltages on the PSU
    2. Check the temps
    4. look at the windows error logs (control panel / administrative tools / event viewer
  3. could also check the event log.
  4. nothing in the event viewer. Very wierd.
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