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Hey guys, I have recently been getting into a lot of stuff with computers including game programing. I am extremely new to it, and have had no prior experience with it. I am trying to figure out what to do using the "Beginning Game Programing" by Jonathan S. Harbour and a C++ Primer book by Stephen Prata. I at first tried to use Microsoft Visuals c++ 2010 express edition with the source code in the programing book, but I kept getting an error when I tried to compile it or debug it. I then tried to use Visuals C++ 2005, which was used in the book, but I would get a compatibility error (it is for XP and I am on vista 32 bit) and It wouldn't let me install the patch that was supposed to fix that problem.

Accord to what I know about it, however, it should work perfectly fine on the 2010 version. Am I doing something wrong or is there a chance that the source code won't work with the 2010 only the 2005 or 2003?Those were the ones mentioned in the book.

Any help would be much appreciated, and please let me know if you think that you know what I might be doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. What errors were you getting exactly?
  2. Quote:
    What errors were you getting exactly?

    When I tried to debug the file, It said something like this project is old, do you want to build? So I selected yes and all that happened was it said under the build tab "succeed= 0; fails=1; stops=0".

    It was two days ago when I did this, yesterday I spent my time trying to get Visual c++ express 2005, so I don't remember exactly what happened other than that But there was nothing that clearly explained the error; it just seemed to not work at all. I'll try it again a little later and give it another shot and I'll update with any extra info I get.

    Edit: After a couple more tries I finally got it to work. For whatever reason, the way the book showed to me to upload the source files it didn't prompt to automatically up-convert the source code to the newer version of visuals. So I figured out what to do and what was going wrong earlier.
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