Need help with choosing motherboard


I hav just spent loads of money getting a computer built and now the motherboard has gone!

I need help in choosing a 'decent one' as the one i had has been decomissioed.

I have the following:

CPU: Intel E6700
Ram: 2 GB DDR2 (not sure on make)
Graphics: Asus 8800GTX x 2 on sli
HDD: 300GB Sata Maxtor

I did have water cooling but am thinking of switching to fan cooling as the water cooling has proved to be a problem, again any suggestions or ideas

any info or suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Well, you obviously need an SLI board. You basically have 1 big choice:

    -650, 680, or P35 chipset?

    650 and 680 are mature, P35 is brand new. Up to you. That being said, 650 is cheaper, 680 is more expensive but better features. P35 is most expensive.


    -MSI P6N (650)
    -EVGA (680)
    -ASUS P5N32-SLI Plus (650/680 hybrid)
    -Gigabyte P35 board....pick one that works for SLI
  2. P35 won't do 8800 SLI (& it's probably the middle 1 in terms of price).
    With 2 x8800GTX you really ought to go 680i for the dual x16 (650i does dual x8).

    The new DFI 680i LT looks interesting & from the cs pov eVGA are probably the best (there are a no. of different eVga revisions though so you ought to research the differences more).
  3. Ah, my bad on the P35 :oops: I really gotta do some more research on that.

    I have a buddy that LOVES the new DFI 680 board...not cheap, but top notch.

    EVGA 680i seems like the best value for you.
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