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I have an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop. When plugged into the LAN I can successfully use RealVNC or Windows Remote Desktop Connection. When connecting from a remote LAN through our VPN, neither of those programs work-they simply time out waiting for response. Firewall is Sonicwall TZ 170. Using Sonicwall Global VPN Client. Fwiw, a different computer from the same remote LAN can successfully connect and use those programs. That leads me to believe that any port forwarding configuration is correct on the firewalls on both ends of the VPN connection. This issue seems to be specific to this one laptop. Have been through all possibilities I can think of and am asking for any and all ideas on what to check. Laptop does have Kaspersky. Have disabled it's real time protection, disabled Windows firewall, etc and simply cannot find what is blocking this laptop from using remote software through the VPN. Please help!
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  1. It would be on the router/VPN side. Some places will block programs like that also.

    It sounds like a VPN issue though.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Thing is the configuration within the router works well for other computers from that same remote lan using the same vpn client setup. Still looking for the answer.
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