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hey guys, i got problem, i have a dual boot system on my hard disk, on C; i put my vista and on D; i put my xp, the problem is, i want to know how to delete my xp properly bcoz i was deleted my xp(windows file) at D; manually as i was using vista and after restarted, the option to choose which os to boot still appear xp as an option. should it disappear after i deleted the xp window file? or should i format drive D; to make it disappear from boot option os?
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  1. You can use BCDedit to do this, but it's easy to make a mistake. You'll probably find it easier to install EasyBCD which makes it a breeze to edit the boot menu.
  2. Do this.

    start, run, write msconfig and press enter, and in the boot tab delete the option that say "Windows XP"
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