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I need help changing permissions and taking ownership of my Local Disk D,containing my saved documents and files.I have denied all permissions to the disk ,and now I cannot change the permissions or take ownership even as an Administrator.System Restore didn't help.The disk is marked "Access Denied" and when you go to its properties,you find the following:

General: Access Denied
All spaces 0 bytes

Sharing: Not Shared

Security: Current owner---Unable to display current owner
When I click to change ownership to Administrator,I get "Unable to set new owner on Access Denied (D. Access is Denied"
Same results when I go to Advanced.

Please help me!!!.I don't want to lose my documents on the Disk.
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  1. Do you have another computer available that you could hook the drive up to and pull off any files you need? This other computer doesn't have to be yours, you just need physical access to the machine.

    Strange that it won't let you adjust the permissions for the drive anymore though...
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