Unusual Remote Desktop Issue

I have comps at 2 DIFFERENT businesses and 1 at home. All run XP PRO AND all have RDC installed. Until a week ago, I could connect to any one from any of the others including connecting to one and using its connection to connect to the third Ex: Home to Biz 1 to Biz 2. Suddenly for no apparent reason the connection from home to Biz 1 anf BIZ 1 to home fails to connect.

Home to Biz 2 works fine
Biz 2 to home works fine
Biz 2 to to Biz 1 works fine
Biz 1 to to Biz 2 works fine

I can even connect from home to Biz 2 then use RDC on Biz 2 to connect to Biz 1. But, forget trying to go direct from home to Biz 1.

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Can you ping it?
  2. When I ping Biz 1 from home I get "request timed out", when I ping home from Biz 1 I get "destination host unreachable.
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