PC Still Bogs Down When Using Graphics Programs

Hello Tomaholics,

The other day I installed a new graphics card and some more RAM into my PC. Before I go any further here are my specs....

Gigabyte P35-DS4 (rev.2.1) | Intel Quad Q6600 (GO stepping) | 4GBs G.SKILL (PC2 6400) RAM | ASUS EN9600GSO GeForce 9600 GSO 512MB | Thermalright Ultra 120E | Sunbeam Multi-Port | Lite-On LH-20A1S DVDRWSata drive | (2) SeaGate 350GB HDs | | acomdata PureDrive 500GB external SATA | Windows XP Home (SP3)

I thought this set up would give me the speed and power I needed to run my large graphics programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, but even after the extra RAM and the new card these programs still bog down. Just today I was drawing something in Illustrator and then I went to copy it into Photoshop and both programs froze. Once I got them shutdown I opened Illy again and then the file I was working on and the program froze again.

I don't know if this is a graphics software issue or Windows or RAM related. I thought getting more RAM would free up some space for these programs to do more work. If it's not dependent upon the memory then is there something within Windows I can set to free up some space to work?

Thank you.
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  1. That URL couldn't be found.
  2. I have corrected the link. Check out again
  3. Thanks, but that's mostly for Mac users. I don't own a Mac. Lot of helpful info there, but my problem is system based I believe. Somewhere there has to be a way to allocate more RAM (or whatever) for the system to handle large files.
  4. By default windows set the ram allocation for programs. U can see it from control panel>system>advance>performance(settings)>advance. Now as far i have read that article(i just skimmed through so i mayb wrong) they said that there are some way to allocate ram for photoshop in the program. As i have said i dont know much about the program u can see through. heres some tips i have found in net http://www.adobepress.com/articles/article.asp?p=30163&seqNum=8 There u will see "Image cache" i think thats something to do with it. Read it i hope that will help u. If not probably u need some expert on this field. Take care and goodluck
  5. Here is 2 links that will help you out.
    Usually freezing is a different problem but this will increase the useable memory and stop any Out Of Memory Errors which could turn out to be the cause of you problems.

  6. Pat, thanks for the links. The first link is only for people who have over 4 gigs of RAM - I know because I have seen this method on several pages including a Microsoft one. The second link I don't even understand what they're saying. My personal computer rule is - if you can't understand what they're saying don't even attempt it.
  7. Oddly enough you dont need more than 4G of memory.
    What this switch does is increase the virtual memory space.
    It doesnt increase the physical memory that you have per se.

    Look at it this way. Photoshop uses A LOT of very small files and each one needs to be available. Each one also has to have an address so that it can be found.
    Each address alone uses 512K plus the actual data which also needs an address.
    That begins to add up.
    Now windows being the emperor of the land thinks that it needs a lot of acreage in case it may be called on to do something and reserves much more (address)space than it needs. I think the number is 2G that windows will reserve.
    It needs well under half of that and the extra can be given to your App so it can remember where it put things.

    I have run Photoshop along with many other graphics programs (and oddly MS Flight Sim X is the same) in many years in the commercial printing field and much like most of the MS messages that you get "Out of Memory" doesnt mean what it says.

    Actually Im running Vista with 4G of physical memory and have my virtual memory set at 4G.
    Please note that Vista handles memory better and I have my virtual memory address space set higher with the PAE switch.
    I also must say that the XP side of this computer has the 3G switch on and has for 2 years.

    As I said earlier you may have other issues but give this a try and see if it helps.
    I promise it wont do any damage.
    The worst that could happen is the problem is still there and so will I if more help is needed.
  8. Thanks for the info, but I don't understand what it is saying on those pages. As I said in my previous post I don't want to attempt something I do not understand.
  9. * bump *

    Still looking for an answer or suggestions.
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