After deleting RelevantKnowledge via RegistryEditor, my computer crashed and won

Hello, please help me!
Today I loaded up my Computer to see that after a minute or so of logging onto my account, all the windows freezed up and the 'loading' cursor showed. I ran Spybot and Avast to try and locate the problem, but niether turned up any results. I had to load my computer up in safe-mode to get it to work. I uninstalled and deleted anything that may contained a trojan or virus etc. but after noticed that a little grey globe icon came on in my tray and that was when the porgrams started to freeze up. After researching it, i found that it was the icon for RelevantKnowledge, a piece of spyware (at least I think thats what it is) that had crept onto my computer without me realising. I researched that and how to get rid of it. I tried uninstalling it; deleting it out of drive C: and nothing worked as it kept coming back. I found a website that said if you go into RegistryEditor and delete everything that comes up when you search RelevantKnowledge, the problem/virus would be deleted and go away. So I did that and my computer worked fine, as per normal as though it had worked. Then an hour later, my computer crashed, which has never happened before. I rebooted and it worked fine . But then after a moment it crashed again, and so I tried to reboot it. It turned on for a few seconds, before everything went dead. Now I can't turn the computer on at all. I have restarted everything at the plug socket but it makes no difference. I am running Vista Ultimate 64 bit, which as I think we all know is the most unreliable thing in the world. I have a laptop I am writing off, but its relatively new and doesn't contain all of my personal files such as pictures and creative projects like my computer has on it. My files are not backed up either. What do I do?!

Please help me, i'd be so grateful!

PS I don't know what category i should put it in.
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  1. A piece of spyware would not cause a computer to stop turning on. Only hardware problems can cause that. Reseat all of the power plugs in your computer and make sure the capacitors on the motherboard haven't blown up, as shown below:

    If it isn't a simple "some power cable has been dislodged which made the problem look worse than it was" issue, unplug everything that isn't needed. Extra expansion cards (sound, network, tv tuners, sata controllers - for now, just until the computer starts turning on again), all but one stick of ram, hard drives, optical drives... etc. Literally all you should be left with is a motherboard with a processor, one stick of ram, and a video card if you don't have an integrated video chip.
  2. Relevantknowledge is not a virus. It is a genuine software. If you find it annoying, you can uninstall it from control panel. You can read more about this software on their website

    I think spyware is not the right term becasuse software is installed with user's knowledge and permission and can be removed easily using uninstall program from the control panel. It's not malicious. It is just a program that gathers some information about user's browsing habits. It is a genuine piece of software.

    I notice that some programs which should be easy to remove using uninstaller cannot be uninstalled because of other spyware on the computer that works behind the scenes. Free antispyware programs can be used to remove the spyware and the uninstall the genuine programs. One such example is relevant knowledge software that is a genuine program and is installed with user's permission but then sometimes become difficult to remove because of other spyware.
  3. Its 2years old jonejan....
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