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SO my University has a unrealistic policy of limits out downloads at 1.9GB a day. WEll, I have tried and broken it three times, so I now am limited to 56k, that does not make my severe gaming habits happy so I was wondering as to how I would go about masking? or changing my MAC address. I am fairly certain that this is what they use to identify each computer. If anyone has answers or just more info for me I would apperciate it VERY much. thanks for the understanding.

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  1. No, they are not using your MAC to rate limit you. The MAC changes everytime traffic passes through a router. From where you are to the edge could be a couple hops.

    They probably rate limit you at the switch port at which point you are SOL...
  2. They might use your mac, the mac of your nic doesn't change.
    You could try
    If you do have troubles with a changed mac, go around and find out macs of computers around you. At my uni we had to register our mac and the place we wouldbe using the computers.
  3. download nettools in there is a freemac changer really works goood for this. dont blame me if you use this tool to steal information blame yourself.
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