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Office OEM Licensing Issue

Long time lurker, really love this site.

I have a question about Office Licensing, wondering if anyone could help me out..

Presently I have a PC with Windows XP (OEM) and Office 2007 (OEM)..

If I upgrade to Windows 7 for this PC.. would I then be able to re-install my OEM Office 2007 that was bundled with my previous XP Install?

Or would that be in conflict with the license?

So basically.. does the Office OEM license allow me to change my OS and still be valid?

Any help is much appreciated,

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    Hello AdamBoy64;
    Yes you would be able to re-install your Office 2007 on the same hardware after the OS upgrade.
    The license is tied to the hardware/machine and not the OS.
  2. Thanks WR2. It probably seems like a really basic question,
    but it helped me out a lot. Definitely wanted to be sure I wasn't in violation of the license.

    Fantastic help. Thanks again.
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