Brand new computer running very slow

I built this computer today

Intel core i7 920
Evga x58 SLI LE e757
6gb ddr3 ram 1600mks
1tb hdd
inno 3d 8800gt 512mb

Its got good components but why is it running so slow? Even typing this has delay time. The only problem I can think of is that when I look at system information it says I only have 2.49gb of ram. Even so shouldnt I be able run windows XP media centre?

I tried installing AoE 3 and once i press install it stops responding. Im installing Ghost Recon now and its really taking its time. I dont under stand why its running so badly.

Any response is greatly appreciated
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  1. Is the system busy? If so, what process(es) use the CPU? Are there any unrecognized devices?

    Using 6 GB of memory with XP doesn't cause any issues, but you end up with 3 GB of memory that's never used. Will you upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit?
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