My Mum had a fake call please help

My mum called earlier to say someone from India called and was trying to sell her virus protection and said her computer was infected. As the lady called my mum was turning on her pc and she said that black lines or something appear. My mum thought this lady was controlling her company but she did'nt give her any details or remote codes.

I personally think the lady did not control the computer and it was just weird how she rung at the excat same time she was turning it on.

I got her to run a full scan in safe networking mode and it came back fine. I was going to go round today and run malbytes is there anything else I should do?

One problem is her broadband does not have any secruity I will add a wep key today. Could they use that to control her computer?

Any advice would be great.
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  1. Do not give any personal details to anyone. Even if you employ security measure in your computer you must be careful in responding to an email add.

    I guess your mum responding to one of the email advertising spam. Somehow if you have a net apps for email, voice their is an option to block the email this thing.
  2. Sounds just like a weird coincidence to me. I've heard lots of stories from people I know about receiving calls from India and the caller trying acquire personal information or get the person to do something. Best thing to do is hang up if you are unsure.

    Depending on how vulnerable her computer is (lack of anti virus or firewall) it could be possible to gain access, but I doubt complete remote control. The only way someone could gain access through your wireless is if they were in actual range of the router (only a few hundred feet at the best) so there's no way anyone in another country would be able to make an attack like that.

    Adding a WEP key better than no security I suppose, but WEP is the weakest form of encryption you could possibly put on your router. I highly recommend you either run it in conjunction with a MAC address filter, or change it to WPA2.
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