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Itunes/Ipod Problem

I have a problem where i lost all my music everywhere, what i do have is the itunes library file in my itunes folder. What i would like to know is there anyway to open that file and get my music back or do i have to bite the bullet and start importing my music again?
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  1. How did you lose all your music? Where did you loose it from?

    Your iTunes library file is just an XML list of data about your music files and will not be any help in recovering your music.
  2. i lost the music, when i tried to consolidate the files to make backups of the files imported from disks, for some reason it didnt work. I was going to get the music off my ipod but instead it auto syncronized and i lost it, i now know there is nothing to do but start again
    thank you for your help
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    There is a good chance you might have just moved the music files someplace where iTunes couldnt find them instead of actually deleting them. Like moving the folders where the music was located. That would 'break' the iTunes Library file.

    Do a good job of Searching your hard disk for those missing files.
  4. ok i will do, i have a lot pf files though
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