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ok, I have read numerous tech boards and still can not resolve my problem and fell I have tried everything. I want to connect my microphone during all playback and use while the Realtek stereo mixer is operating, basically playing microphone through speakers. I am using a usb external microphone and I want to be able to talk while streaming Movies along with the movies as they are playing. The Microphone works perfectly in can record perfectly in record mode. I can see microphone working in recording area , but how do I add that to playback area ?? I was told by someone i can install some sort of mixer that will recognize my microphone in playback mode/ Any ideas, i will try anything. Thanks James
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  1. I also wanted to add , when I click bottom icon for realtek hi def audio , there is no microphone tab showing?? I have seen on other forums this tab? Can this be fixed and is this my problem?
  2. more information... someone told me I needed a USB Mixer to use the microphone along with playback on computer. is that on the right track or is it a simpler fix? I laugh when I see all the people that are angry their microphone plays through their speakers , this is what I am trying to accomplish and I can't do it.
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