I dare you to figure this out I have to turn the pc on 3 x!

I just built a system... these are the specs....

300w Rosewill PSU
AMD Athlon X2 3600 Socket AM2
1GB GSkill DDR800
160GB Western Digital
MSI K9VGM-V Socket AM2 VIA K8M890 Micro ATX

its a budget pc... anyways.. I'm using the onboard video.. lan.. audio etc..

The computer turned on fine and worked perfectly... no reboots or anything weird...
But... when I shut it off... and turn it back on... it seems like it turns on (but no beep u know usually computers beep once as soon as it turns on) and it stays on but nothing happens... nothing goes to the monitor... the computer is on but I can't use it...
Then I shut it off using the power button and try again... on the third time... I can hear the beep and the computer works fine...
Did any1 ever hear about this problem ??
i've used 2 different monitors and both of them have the same problem... so it has to be the computer.... but my question is...
Can it be the power supply? motherboard? or just the onboard video(where I would just get a video card and be all set)

thanks for the help!!
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  1. checkout your power supply, its a rosewill not nessicarily high quality thats where i'd start
  2. Im gonna give it a try... I just found it weird because I can leave the computer on forever and it never restarts or shuts off... Usually when its the power supply those are the symptons
  3. I also think it's your power supply, a lot of components need a bit of extra power when they're just starting, and it might not be able to handle the surge.
  4. A bit of an oddball suggestion, but try checking the case start button to make sure it's not sticking and that all connections are tight. I just had that issue with a brand new (cheap) case.
  5. As posted above.

    Most likely the PSU, though the power button is a good thing to check.
  6. Ive had this happen with old prebuilts that were unplugged from the power. Most likely a PSU problem.
  7. I think it's the PSU as well. Also, you may want to check the temperature of your CPU, you may have not seated the HSF correctly causing the system to overheat. It could be some sort of short, you may want to try rebuilding the computer outside of the case to see if that helps (It's alot of work though so I would do that last)

    Also, If you think it's stable enough make sure and update the bios.
  8. I disagree with the psu being the issue. I think its a bios setting, seems its reverting back to safety settings after it tries to post. Much like you see when ocing. Check your bios, make sure its set to boot of hdd first, the ram voltages are correct and anything else that catches your eye. Save these settings and see if that fixes anything. I know rosewill isnt a great psu supplier but this just doesnt sound like a psu problem, in any case it would be a good idea to replace it, but not crucial.
  9. I had an old dirt cheap homebuilt that was like that. It has a $10 powmax supply. It had to be turned on twice. I just lived with it because like yours it suffered no other anomolies. Later on when I upgraded the video card, I upgraded the power supply at the same time. Problem went away. I assume it was the PSU but cant be certain.
  10. Probably try a new psu.
    And while you are inside your case double check all connections.

    One other possibility would be the mobo.
  11. I agree with eric54, I have had this problem more than once. I can't remember the exact problem but it was BIOS related. :(

    From memory I think it was to do with the waking on events settings, from memory, I turned them all off and that fixed the problem. It was either there or in the Windows power options. 8)
    Hope that helps.
  12. I'm going to get a different power supply.... if that doesn't work Im going to try to change the bios settings... I hope that's gonna work...

    thanks for all of your help
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