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Hello everyone. Finally after 5 or 6 years, im getting a new computer. well its going to be a custom build. Plz give advice.

Im going to be using my computer for gaming, and mostly video editing.

I only need 5 parts(i have case, windows vista ultimate, dvd drive burner, and hard drive)

motherboard- help me choose
power supply- help me choose
video card- 8800gts 320mb
memory- 2 gig (about $120)
processor- intel core 2 duo e6600 (should I?)

i want to be able to upgrade the system in the future, and i think intels motherboards contribute to that more than amds.

I also want to spend around 750$ give or take 100 dollars

But im not sure, plz help me decide.
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  1. After purchasing the specificed processor, memory, and video card, you have little left over for a power supply and MB. While it takes you a little over your budget, I would recommend:

    Memory - 2 gigs - your price $120
    Processor - e6600 $223
    Video - BFG 8800 GTS 320 MB $315 (includes shipping)
    Subtotal $658

    GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R $135
    PSU - OCZ GameXStream 600W $125
    Total $918

    I beleive this would give you a strong, upgradable system But it is over you budget. If you can't stretch the budget, I would shave about $30 off the memory by finding some good memory on sale such as this Corsair memory for $91 AR:

    If you stll need to scale back another $40 or so to get to $850, then you would have little choice but to go with a smaller, lower quality PSU. I would hesitate to do this but you might consider this Enermax 450w PSU which has 32amps total on 2 12 volt rails:

    It will still give you room for later upgrades, but I would prefer to go with the larger unit.
  2. Another option would be to get a lower c2d and overclock it to get same performance. Lots of guides on how to do that :)

    Stick with the PSU rocky suggested.

    E6320: (I'd also consider finding an aftermarket cooler for it)

    Gigabyte DS3R:

    Patriot DDR2 800:
  3. That should put you down to around $830. You can always wait a bit on the CPU cooler, but then you shouldn't consider OC'ing it at all really (if you intend to, that is.)
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