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I must confess I haven't had much use for wireless technology until now and so have let the terms and buzzwords pass me buy. I now have a home wired network consisting of 2 computers, a router and cable modem. One of the computers is local to the modem/router and the other computer is remote, upstairs actually. I want to extend connectivity to another room upstairs. I believe I can do so by plugging the cat 5 cable currently feeding the upstairs computer into a "device" that will provide a wired port for the current computer and a wireless signal for anything else in the house including the room of interest. The question is what is the best device to use. I've been looking at switches and they seem to provide adequete connectivity but there are so many devices with overlapping capabilities that I'm not sure a switch is the best thing to use. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. if you dont want to run another cable, just get a wireless router.
  2. you can try home plug adaptors which run the internet through the power supply,or simply get a wireless router a above post
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