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Hello- I hope I'm posting this in the right place. My pc has been giving me a lot of grief lately and I think it has to do with some type of infection. I use avast! Internet Security, STOPzilla, and scan a couple of times a week with Malwarebytes. Here's the deal: I have been having trouble with my autoplay settings remaining set. There are other minor hardware glitches that started appearing at about the same time. All of this started happening about the time we had this 'tech' come into our home who is a notorious hacker in town and claims to have all these certifications. Anyway, STOPzilla keeps finding this Trojan labeled 'c:\windows\system32\comres.dll' and these cookies called 'live365.com'. After just removing them and going to my email to track another thread I initiated here, another weird thing happened- a window popped up saying 'Adobe flash has stopped an unsafe operation'. An [object] in my system is trying to communicate with an internet enabled location>'img.cdn.mediaplex.com' What the hell is going on here??? I have been told, and I thought, this was a false/positive scenario. This has never happened in the past, until that 'tech' worked on my machine. The only thing I know was that 'they' wiped out my original OS, without doing any diagnostics for the original problem, and installed a new OS from a flash drive, along with some other utilities. This person came highly recommended thru the 'friends' network, and since this, I've done some investigating and found out this 'tech' is a very malicious, whacked out individual.
I've run a full Malwarebytes scan, full avast! scan, and the only thing that picks this up is STOPzilla. Apparently there is something in my system that is beyond the definitions of my current security. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME???
I thank you in advance for any viable help!
TimW :fou:
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  1. save your important information you have on your computer into disk or camera that has enough space to hold your information while you format your computers hard drive.. than find the operating system software for you computer or any other Operating system CD and Format your computer from that disk. your computer will be like new with no viruses.
  2. thanks 'gusgus'. i am tryin' to avoid that because i do not have the software to clone my programs...i have a ton of them! i do have some of them on disk but haven't had the time to finish that project. there is some software out there that would clone selected content from the hd. don't feel like spending the $50+ right now. i vacillate from thinking there is an infection to the false/positive scenario. after spending some 4 hrs on it today and using a plethora of tools, i feel pretty confident i'm clean. i am awaiting the results of a diagnostic scan that we sent out to a service that specializes in these problems.
  3. Not sure about how great stopzilla is. What I would do, back up data, boot to safe mode, update malware bytes, install spybot search and destroy, update. Run both. Run superantispyware. After that, install avast, update. Run a preboot scan. If everything comes up clean, delete all system restore points, and hopefully that should help. I would then run ccleaner and defrag your hd to help performance. Between those 4 scans, you should catch nearly anything.
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