Need software to create a image of hard disk which can be restored ..

Hey all .. Well I recently got a new netbook and I'd like to get some software which can create an image of my entire system, from which I can restore my system to its current condition even if I formatted it .. Basically, I need to create a recovery disc, which my netbook did NOT come with ..

I remember using a very old version of Norton Ghost which used to run at Boot time and dumped an image of the entire hard disk, which could then be restored ..

I would also prefer a software which allows me to create a USB based backed, since netbooks don't have DVD drives ..

I don't mind getting a commercial software too (that is, I don't want to be limited to only free software) ..

Any suggestions would be really appreciated :)
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  1. If you have Windows 7, it has a built in image and restore function. For a commercial application, Acronis TrueImage is highly recommended.
  2. Does the Windows 7 make a complete system image (of all disks and partitions) ? So that I can *completely* recover my entire system from absolutely scratch .. ?

    I looked at both Acronis and Macrium last night, and was unable to carry out this task with both of them .. I spent like 4 hours with Acronis, and GOD that software made me angry .. !! There's an option 'Make the media bootable' in Acronis, and no matter which USB drive I inserted, this option is always disabled .. !!

    With Macrium, you are required to buy the software before you can make a Windows PE Bootable USB Drive .. And I don't want to buy the software before evaluating this feature first ...

    Any more suggestions ?
  3. Windows' system image creator lets you choose any of your hard drives or partitions to include in the image. It doesn't do incremental backups though, like some software. It just takes a snapshot of your computer (all drives you point it too) and makes an image that you can bring back in case of failure.
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