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After testing, what problems can one encounter when developing software?

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  1. LOTS of 'em
    It depends on the methodology used.

    If you use test-driven development, it is more likely that you won't find much errors because you do the testing first.
    If you use Rapid Application Development (RAD, like the Borland/Embarcadero RAD Studio the later 'Delphi' and 'C++ Builder') you may find performance issues, database connecting issues, UI design issues and mostly RAM memory proper handling.
    If you use languages of not-so-high level, like C, you may have some trouble with pointers, segFault, memory handlers, etc.
    If you use some methodology that relies too much on the user's machine, like .net-dependent applications and (unusual to have issues but still counts) JVM, you may find some implementation issues.

    Of experience I can say: if it works, it may fail. If it fails, it may work.
    And there are things that are not 'bugs' or 'problems' but lack of features or improvements. By example: I can easily develop an application that populates a table with entries. But I can make it work in a LOT of ways and one (or some) of them will have a better performance. About the lack of features, it is easy to IMAGINE the software you want. You can think 'uh, I wanna build a web browser that recognizes the face of the user and, according to its smile, it loads some specific URL'. Well, GREAT! But, HOW to 'make it work'? It is not a problem nor a bug, but it is something that will easily show up on a test.

    Final words: if you don't wanna have problems with testing, go test-driven. If you wanna easy development, go RAD and learn some performance tricks. If you wanna go 'easy', go with ultra-high-level languages like python. And if you wanna go suicidal, go ASM ;p
  2. I just need to mention 5 problems that one can encounter and go in a little bit a detail (like a paragraph each) for example like not meeting user requirements ...
    Thanks for your info and help!
  3. sounds like you want us to do your homework...
  4. i just need some help then I can search more and go into detail cause im stuck..
  5. It all depends on the kind of tests, if we assume it's just basic functional testing, then I can think of the following (most of them are called non-functional requirements):
    Not meeting the requirement (you mentioned it, but I think repeating it is important since this can cost a lot and happens more often than it should)
    Security issues (like logging credit card data)
    Performance issues (in term of CPU, RAM, network or other resource usage)
    Scalability issues (a bit like performance, but related to many simultaneous users/requests)
    Operation issues (tough to monitor, operate, ...)
    Keeping documentation up-to-date
    Source code management and configuration management (managing dependencies and the like)

    I'll let you write the text explaining all of them ;)
  6. thats all i needed thanks a lot for your help zenthar :D
    really appreciate it!
  7. what language.?
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