setting up wired/wireless routers on same subnet?

Ive got a Zywall 5 that takes care of all my wired network (running through a dell gigaswitch)
Then I have a Dlink DIR-655 taking care of my wireless network.

At the moment they are setup on two seperate subnets (192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x)

This gives me a few problems since certain for different reasons cant communicate across networks.

So Id like to basically have the dlink act as an AP (ie: not router) on the Zywall network, so all ip adresses on the network will be on the same subnet.

But as far as I can see the dir-655 does not have any setup options, to make it act as a dummy ap?

Id love to have some suggestions as to how to approach this.

kind regards
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  1. Disable DHCP on the D-Link and connect the network cable from the Zywall to a LAN port on the D-Link.

  2. tried that.. didnt work :/
  3. Change the IP address to be in the 192.168.0.x range. Are you sure you used a LAN port on the D-Link? Do you get an IP address when connected to the D-Link?

  4. yes. but it seems the dlink insists on wanting to act as a router..?
  5. You must have missed something.

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