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I would like to run some benchmarks on my computer to test hard drives, video cards. processor. I use OCCT and prime95 to stress test and have a copy of CPU-z but I am looking to get some scores to see how my computer and components compare to others with similar builds so I know what to try to improve. I've seen a few around but I don't know what is good or acceptable or what most people use. I'm looking for freeware that other people use/have used that is known to be reliable and safe. Recommendations on purchasable software is appreciated also cause it won't hurt to look at and if it's cheap enough I might get it anyway.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. futuremark
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  3. Thanks, I'll give these a try. I want to know if I got all bell and whistles or did I put some real muscle in it.
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  5. The passmark performance 7 gave me the results I was looking for. More of an all around without having to spend any money. Thanks again for all your suggestions.
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