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Notepad help!

Alright, I need some help with notepad. I have been doing a large amount of research this evening for a college essay that I have due next week. I was putting my information into notepad. After about three hours, I went to save it. It wouldn't save, and has now stalled and says it is not responding.

Is there any way I can get this information to keep? I do not have the time to do all my research all over again, and some of the books I used have already been checked out by other students. Does notepad have an auto-save feature? Is there any way I can copy the information from notepad? Being as I can't copy/paste it, I don't know. Help!

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  1. save as..?
  2. No, the problem is that when I tried to "save as," it stalled, and now I have a full notepad of information that is not responding and is not saved, and yet I require the information to be saved, and wish to know how to do so since the program is no longer responsive.
  3. are there flashdisk plug in your Computer still poccess..? or CD in drive..?
    maybe this can help u :
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    Notepad does not autosave, the file "may" have a .tmp file somewhere with your info, but it's a slim chance. Do a search for files created today, you may need to estimate the size of the file you were working on and try to open them with notepad.

    If the program locked up, did not save the file anywhere, your new data is probably gone.
  5. It appears that it is gone. Thanks though! I'll have to do the work over again.
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