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My screen saver used to work displaying a folder of family photos. Now I just get a black screen after the designated time. Get the same thing in preview. Haven't done anything to it AFIK, Maybe the last batch of updates did something. Don't have any hidden updates, install all updtes. Don't think its any of my USB devices cause it used to work with everything plugged in.
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  1. You need to select your custom screen saver and click apply.
  2. I did click apply and still doesn't work. The windows default ones work fine thought.
  3. Do you still have the pictures in your my documents/my pictures folder?
  4. Yes in the settings it is pointed at the right folder. The preview in the menu screen works, but when I press preview still a black screen.
  5. Are your pics saved as jpegs?
  6. Yes pictures are saved as jpegs. As I stated earlier it used to work, and one day it just stopped working.
  7. Have you tried increasing the speed that it flips through each pic?
  8. yeah tried all speeds as well as fade, pan and zoom, classic, collage and still just a black screen after the alloted time the screen saver is supposed to kick in.
  9. Also my windows slide show don't work. Get a black screen with the loading icon in the middle. Assume 2 are related.
  10. Maybe start the slideshow and use the right arrow?
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