Best Wireless router for gaming?

Hi there,

Im from the Uk and I have Virgin Broadband as my ISP.

My Current Configuration is this

Cable/DSL box --> Belking shi**y Wireless G router --> crappy wireless G USB dongle

Im looking for something within £100 ($200 US) which has standards used in UK (as I heard sometimes Buffalo routers do not work in UK systems)

It also needs to be good for gaming wirelessly and good for transferring files between atleast 4 computers on a network.


I have 8mb broadband but once it reaches my computer I only get about 255kbps :( ok I know its shared bandwidth but I was atleast expecting 1mb speed
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  1. Sorry I just realised I will need to give some more details.

    One PC which my mum uses for business is XP proffessional but because she works at home she needs to use a VPN to connect to her works server, whenever she used to do that the router would go all weird and I would lose my connection.

    The other machines use Vista 32 bit and I also have an Xbox360

    Maximum range about 20 metres.
  2. Loosebruce first of all I would recommend a linksys router. they have had great success. they have a great router out which many have fallin in love with, also for gaming. WRT330N. this router is great. gigabit ports on the back, great range and signal strength. advanced options for gaming/hosting. and additional protocols that assist with gaming and reducing lag.

    I'd recommend installing that router after you CABLE/DSL box and have a strong signal spread out. It has VPN options build in. once you are in the web based utility you will see VPN and can set it up to your liking
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