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I was looking for an internal card reader so I wouldn't have to stand the one on my desk anymore. I found one nice one by Sony (11 in 1) that connect through USB2.0, all at 19.99$, a real deal. I then realize as I was about to go get it that I would have to get rid of two on my USB 2.0 port to connect it, which I can't do at all.

Does anybody here knows of any of these internal multimedia card reader/writer that connect through SATA?

I don't care about the speed gains possible. It's only that I have 8 SATA port and only 4 of them used, so I have plenty left over. It's not the case with my 8 USB port (14 with my 2 hubs) with only 2 free on top of my case that I keep for emergency only.

Thanks for your reply.
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  1. I've never seen SATA card readers but I like the Idea. Firewire but I see your board has no firewire. Maybe add a USB or firewire card. How are you using up 12 USB ports?
  2. I do have firewire but didn't think of it actually. I'll look into it.

    About 12 devices, basically 1 USB 200X (goes 30MBps) 4GB for Vista ReadyBoost, 2 external USB HDD (1 at 250GB and 1 at 20GB), mouse, printer, mouse battery charger, scanner, video capture device, 14 in one reader-writer, and quite a few more.
  3. My bad, I was thinking of the cheaper board. Since you have a mobo header then firewire is the way to go. That's a lot of USB stuff hanging off that thing, good thing you have a nice PS.
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