USB Ports Not Working Properly

After getting rid of Vista and the dualboot yesterday with the fixmbr command it seems that my USB ports aren't working. I've plugged in both my MP3 player and camera and both aren't working properly when connected. The mp3 player is being detected (Windows is beeping when I plug it in) but doesn't show up in the my computer list. The camera is being detected but all of my pictures stored on it are not being found. What should I do?

If your suggestion is along the lines of reinstalling the mobo drivers then PLEASE help me find the correct ones to do so.

Mobo Model: Asus Am2 M2n4 SLI

Any help will be mightily appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: I'm using Windows XP Home edition. And I DO NOT have the mobo driver disc..........bad I know, but I will get it.
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  1. I've found a download resource for my motherboard, if you recommend that I reinstall/upgrade my drivers then which file should I get?
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