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I have a setup at work with 4 computers connected to a kvm switch. If i access my desktop remotely using citrix or symatec pc anywhere, will it be possible to switch through the compiters connected to the kvm without having to connect to each seperate computer through citrix.
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  1. No.
  2. Depends upon the KVM switch. If it's a KVM over IP one, then yes you can do this (but you connect to the switch not to a particular PC). Otherwise, no.
  3. I see..i want to be able to access these computers from my ipad through citrix. Will i be able to connect to the kvm over ip through citrix?
  4. No idea. The manual for your KVM switch would be the place to look. Why not just use Remote Desktop on the computers?
  5. do you mean like just connect through my web browser?...if so,i like the idea of having an app that will tak me directly to my desktop at work
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