"Page_Fault_in_Nonpaged_Area" Error, BSOD Help!

Hello guys, i have searched for this issue but the answers havent quite applied to my specific scenario.

Here are the details and possible reason for the issue. Ive had my PC for a while, working perfectly. About 5 days ago i installed an old version of Acronis True Image i've had laying around for a while. The app asked me to restart the system before using it to complete the installation, but not having a high priority to use it at that moment, i decided to restart my PC at a later date, which was today (about 5 days later). BUT, prior to restarting my PC, i went to the Control Panel to remove that older version of True Image to install a newer one instead, just to be up-to-date. The app was nowhere in the Control Panel, i double checked. Since it wasn't found, i proceeded to install the newest version available, and THEN i restarted my computer. Now i can't get back to Windows.

I had also recently installed Resident Evil 5, but for now im highly assuming True Image was the one that caused the problem, probably due to not restarting the system right away 5 days ago or by installing a new version over an old version.

-I get the aforementioned error messgae in a blue screen when restarting PC, on windows XP Pro.
-Same issue happens when trying to access Safe Mode.
- If i choose the option to "use the last known configuration that worked", the screen will stay at the "loading screen" endlessly with the XP logo.
-I tried using ERD Commander 2005 to attempt a system restore to an earlier date, but when i choose the system restore option, it takes me nowhere with no error messages. I wonder if these restore points have been... damaged somehow.
- I HAVE NOT had any hardware changes whatsoever.

So, what's done is done. The real question is, am i screwed? I dont even know what to try anymore.

Bottom line: I want to be able to uninstall the application somehow, or do a system restore. Since ERD 2005 failed me at both goals, what else can i do?

win xp pro
3+gb ram

Thanks guys.
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  1. Use the OS disc to boot into the repair console. At the command prompt, use the fixboot command.
  2. Thanx for the reply...tried it but didnt work.

    UPDATE: I noticed at some point that one of my partitions or hard drives is no longer detected in the BIOS (i believe its the main drive where system files are stored in). HOWEVER, ERD 2005 is able to see ALL my available drives and read them without any issues. Any thoughts? Why is the BIOS the only one being blind?
  3. That's what ERD does. It can see dead volumes. Though, I don't believe it's dead since you are getting to the windows load screen.

    When you were in the repair console, did your missing drive show up there at the command prompt?

    Try using the fixmbr command in the repair console. Your master boot record may be damaged.
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